Designed for both homeowners and renters, myhabi is a service to help people manage, enjoy, protect, and rent properties.

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Owners - Manage
Manage your home, a vacation home, the home of elderly parents, or a rental property.
Owners - Rent Out
Invite potential guests and manage your rental calendar in a platform based on fair pricing and privacy.
Stay at a house, booked through an invitation-based platform focused on fair pricing.

Our Story
We all have a lot to keep track of: bill reminders, photos for insurance purposes, plumbers, paint colors, etc. We developed myhabi to help us keep track of the details of our life and home. myhabi is used to manage primary homes, homes of elderly parents and special needs children, and vacation homes.
The rental functionality grew out of our frustration with the big players in the home rental market. Instead of forcing repeat renters to pay high fees, holding back cash flow from owners, and prohibiting communication between owners and renters, we created myhabi RENT to be a fair-fee platform that encourages direct interaction. Rental scams abound, so we made myhabi RENT an invitation-only based system. Owners control who sees photos and information about their rental properties.

So, welcome to myhabi!

How it works
Creates a house
RENT your house
Add features

  • Service providers
  • Paint colors
  • Photographs
  • Appliance information
  • etc.
Create listing

  • Add photos
  • Fee schedule
  • Highlights
  • Amenities
  • Calendar system
Review listing

  • Asks questions
  • Reserves
  • Rents!
Data Privacy is VERY important to us!

Data Privacy

Data privacy can be really complicated...or it can be really simple. We choose simple! We do not sell, lend, give, barter, or swap your data with anyone (unless compelled to by law!)

Policy Basics

  • We do not divulge your information to anyone unless required by law.
  • We do not track your use of the system.
  • We DO encrypt passwords.
  • We utilize 3rd party payment systems leveraging their security
  • We do NOT store your credit card (if fact, your credit card number never touches our server!)
* click image for full policy...
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